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Saturday, March 4th, 2006

Court wakes up to NPR. When I went to work at 6:45 this was fine since his alarm clock does not go off until about 8:30 or 9. However, now that I have changed my schedule and am keeping programmer hours, I get to hear NPR first thing. I still don’t have to endure much on days that I am at Yahoo, but the ergo gals aren’t at Yahoo on Fridays, so that means my Friday mornings are usually filled with strange dreams about terror and the war on it.  
Does that ever happen to you? The radio comes on, you don’t quite notice, instead your dreams morph into a amalgam of story lines that play on the fringe of today’s headline reality. It actually realy sucks. Especially if the radio station is NPR. 
I love NPR. It’s great radio. I pledge during pledge drives, and I listen when I can…just not usually in the morning because I just don’t like to wake up to blood and warfare and the world being a screwed up place that I live in and do virtually nothing about except get upset sometimes when I pay attention. 
Here again surfaces Shelby’s ignorance and the conscious source of it.  
This morning…okay it’s 2:45 am so it was actually yesterday morning, NPR came on and it was Science Friday. Yes, that means it was later in the day. I still don’t like to listen to much that makes sense first thing, but this morning the word “snore” cut through the haze of semi-consciousness and lo and behold, the program was about snoring and sleep apnea. Cool! 
I only got to hear the last half of the show, so I don’t know if they covered any other intervention than the CPAP machine, but it sounded like this doctor was the biggest fan of the CPAP cure. It’s a wonderful device. I don’t worry about dying when I go to sleep…but I am so OVER the Gonzo!!! This whole Darth Vader breathing thing with the chinstrap and ripping it off in the middle of the night unless sedated has got to end! I know, I’m moving towards my jaw surgery to hopefully correct this affliction, but in the meantime… I don’t take prescription sleeping pills anymore, but I have discovered that I am dependent upon unisom (the drugstore generic brand, since who wants to pay more?)…hence this entry and the acknowledgement that my cat is on crack.  
Rira has run all over the apartment several times over the course of this entry, and for some reason, every time she makes a mad dash from one point to the next, my FOOT is involved. Maybe she’s just trying to include me. I really wish she wouldn’t. There she goes again…and my foot this time was the puddle she had to jump on. She still has back claws. I have proof. Mommy’s been busy too. 
When I woke up a little while ago (before taking my half a unisom since I tried again to sleep without it…) Mommy was carrying on with whatever prey she’d conquered wedged in her three-tooth mouth. It fell with a clunk. She picked it up again, this time inducing a “breeeeeep” that let me know she’d hunted my cell phone and brought it to Court as a gift. Such love. Please make this pill work soon. And please make NPR have something nice on tomorrow morning.