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Sunday, August 26th, 2007


First time my scale has seen below 155 in a loooooong time.  I’m even almost going to someday soon weigh less than my boyfriend.  I’ll try not to celebrate by eating cake.

SPLASH!!! Plop…

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

That is the sound of a curious kitten jumping into the toilet and then jumping very quickly out of it onto the linoleum floor.

As a result, Mochi got her first bath.

OMG belly roll!
check the little belly roll!!!! So cute. Don’t you just want to pinch her?

wet ratum, are you sure that’s not a rodent?

Who you calling rodent? watch your mouth

missed a spotuhm…missed a spot go away cut it out

I’m serious I’m serious. Back off.

To Anne About to have her own MMA

Friday, August 24th, 2007
  1. Anne Says:
    Hi Shelby. I don’t know if you remember me or not but we conversed a bit when you were newly-chinned. I have been reading your site regularly even though I haven’t commented alot. You are funny chick.Well, I am glad to tell you that I have a surgery date! Do you have any advice for someone two months from having surgery. I have the blenders (stick and regular) and advice on what to make to eat. I have my white board and case of chapstick. I am borrowing a recliner from my folks so I will have a place to hang out that is really comfy during the post-op time. I don’t have a kitty (DH is allergic) but I have a Bassett Hound that is pretty good company.

    I like your idea of Operation Birthday Suit – where it isn’t so much a competition as assured mutual destruction or success.



Well congrats on getting that date set! My first advice to you is to grab a piece of fruit, open your mouth, and take a big bite. Revel in that. When’s the big day? I’m so excited for you. Not for the first part of post-surgery, but the part where the rest of your life is a different color called AWAKE. The good news about post surgery is 1. You’re on drugs (not that they make you feel good, but without them….yeah, don’t go there) and 2. Your body will forget the pain. As much physical pain as you will experience and endure, you will remember the emotional aspect far longer than the physical, so I think your best approach is one of positivity. Because it WILL get better…and better…and better.

Who will be taking care of you, besides your much needed bassett hound? I’m thinking the person who will go through the most emotional turmoil immediately post-op is going to be your partner. Perhaps creating a few special meaning signs to communicate your gratefulness would be good prep. I learned the sign for Thank you (which involves getting your hand really close to your chin so watch out!) and sometimes that was all I could do, but it was something.

The first couple weeks you won’t be “eating” anything. It’s mostly syringe work and getting the calories and protein in. That’s where the Ensure and such comes in handy. As soon as you’re able to get your mouth open and possibly get “real” food in, you’ll get pretty tired pretty quickly, so make every bite worth it. I became Queen of scrambled eggs. May sound odd, but when I was little my dad put cream cheese in scrambled eggs and it was HEAVEN. Cream cheese in scrambled eggs is a bit of a decadence now, but post op…so worth it. One other thing I liked when I couldn’t quite muster much jaw action was cheese soup. I felt like I was really eating something solid…and add a little enchilada sauce. Instant liquid cheese enchilada minus the tortilla. I’m partial to Mexican food though, so take that as you will, with a salt lick or a jalapeno or something. Go to Penzey’s spices online and order…you know…spices. I made Italian eggs, Mexican eggs, French eggs…actually I have no idea how one might make french eggs…add garlic and snails? Anyhow, I loved me some spices. But that was once my mouth could handle spices. Honestly, for the first couple weeks you’ll be bland bland Central. Trader Joe’s has awesome chicken broth. Oh, one Trader Joe’s soup I LOVED was Ginger something Broth…so good. In general, Trader Joe’s had the best selection of interesting broths, so go there and have fun.

I became a regular in the baby food aisle…but again, that was once I could open my mouth.

My biggest advice is to get an alarm clock or 10 and set them for when you need to take your drugs. You do NOT want to get behind on pain management. Ask whoever is taking care of you to bring food/liquid whether you ask or not.

What else? Reading material will do you very little good. Instead, invest in seasons of your favorite shows. In my case, Court actually ordered cable for me (we don’t watch regular tv, only dvds) with DVR so I could record all the lame ass shows I wanted and watch them when no one else was around. I became a big fan of Bobby Flay from Boy Meets Grill. As if I could even imagine eating BBQ anytime near post-op, but it was fun to watch. After 2 months I asked him to cancel it (there is such a thing as too much trash tv) but it was SO worth it.

Get a pill crusher.

Get children’s liquid motrin (COSTCO sells it in bulk)

No citrus…your mouth will have open wounds for a long time, so don’t go doing shots of tobasco anytime soon. I guess, if that’s your thing, do some now ’cause it will be a while before you can again. So also, eat lots of oranges and spicy food now. If you need a suck a lemon, do that now too because I think they’re in season. ;)

My fave Indian restaurant was nice enough to send sauces home with Court. Sometimes the flavor just hits the spot. One night I NEEDED salt so I drank pickle juice. Listen to your body and give it what it wants.

Do you have a laptop? I did NOT want to get up and sit at a computer so I was all set up on my chaise with my laptop and that was very nice. Bookmark in case you’re feeling down and need to see horribly cute things.

Don’t encourage people to come over. The drugs you’ll be on will be challenging enough. Trying to concentrate on entertaining could be a little too much.

Oh…do all the jumping jacks you want to right now. And maybe ride a roller coaster or go on the bumper cars.

If there’s any chance you may get in a bar brawl, do it before surgery.

Other things to do before surgery:

Get a pedicure.

Get a haircut.

One word: pizza

Enter a hot dog eating contest.

Make no plans for at least a month post-surgery.

yawn REALLY BIG and enjoy it!

Enjoy your sneezes too.

Get yodeling out of your system.

This is a long post and now I’m hungry.



Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Mochi is my favorite thing about New Year’s Day.  It’s yummy sticky poofy rice goodness…and I cannot wait for these braces to come off so I can eat it again!

Anyhow, I’ve got mochi on the brain because we got our new kitteh and her name is officially Mochi.Ta-da!Ta-Da!

I can’t stop there though.  No. I have to fill this post with sticky sweet pictures of our bebe.  Why?  Because we are taking turns sleeping with her until she is integrated into the Rira House and tonight (er, last night) was my night and even though she passed out COLD for a few hours, 5am seems to be her PARTY hour and my no more sleep time…so i escape..only to post pictures of her.  Sad.

kissesShe’s a licker.

sakeShe was almost named Sake…she seems to like it a leeetle too much.

itty bittyshe’s actually Court’s baby

feetOoh Feet!  tinky!Tinky!!!

lounge kitteh Lounge kittehs welcome.  Like my bruise?  I’m good at that.

Here’s what I look like recently:


Want to see my chin? Okay:chin

Happy Saturday!  I hope most of you are still sleeping!  I know I’m going to attempt a few more winks.  Hasta!

Operation Birthday Suit

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Okay campers, here’s the dish. Went to see the lovely Dr. Li yesterday and before I could get into the exam room, I was accosted by a woman with X-Ray gear attached to her head and a big x-ray blocking bib. She gave me a big braces grin (twins!) and introduced herself, then asked me to meet her mom. I was kind of reeling. Someone I did not know was excited to meet me, and wanted to introduce me to their mother? She obviously had the wrong person, but I wasn’t going to say anything. But no, we quickly established that I am Shelby Cass blogger of sleep apnea joy (aka Dreamette on and then Dr. Li got really super pissed off and dropped some ninja moves on us to get her back into x-ray and me back into my exam room.

(Not really, but can’t you see it?)

Anyhow, I settled into my chair and Dr. Li asked how I was doing and I said, “You’re going to be mad at me.” “I’m never mad at you” encouraged Papa Li. I sighed. “Okay then disappointed.” He gave me a funny side of the head twisted smile look that said “whatever” and said he looked forward to my visits because they made him laugh. Aww! So I told him I had not gone to PT as per his instructions. Lo and behold, he didn’t drop kick me out of his office. Instead, he asked me to open my mouth and wiggle my jaw (again I was reprimanded about moving my lips and not my jaw side to side – hey now, I got it right eventually!) and then sat back on his toadstool and said I was doing fine.

Fine? What?! I expressed my shock at this statement since other people had told me their jaws were opening MUCH wider than mine only a few months post surgery and here I was 7.5 months post and having graceful banana eating issues.

Dr. Li got his “Poor poor Shelby, let me teach you a thing or two and I’ll talk slowly so you may understand some of it” look. He got out his cool metal mouth opening measuring tool and we eeked 26mm out of it. He then told me that people are able to function pretty normally with 30-35mm. I was still bummed about my seeming lack of progress, but then he told me that because I had such a small jaw to start with, and he had moved it SO MUCH, it made sense that it would still be this stiff (ligaments all stretched an whatnot) and I’m doing fine.

If the doc says, I will believe.

I do have to do much gentle stretching…oh that was one thing…he didn’t like that when I tried to stretch things I caused myself pain. He said NO PAIN. Liking him more and more. When he tells me I have to eat donuts on a regular basis, I will propose.

Speaking of donuts… Enter a new phase in the life o’me: Operation Birthday Suit. I have a friend (who will be hereto referred to as Smartass) whose birthday is also in October. We have both been thinking (read:lamenting) a lot about how much better clothing fit say 15 pounds ago, and have entered a phase in our lives when action will definitely speak louder and probably benefit our bodies a lot more…so we decided to lose the weight. Our goal? 10 pounds by October. Our reward should we meet this goal? $10/per pound and a little jaunt to the mall (or something) for some skinny clothes. Caveat: We must both meet the goal for the field trip to happen. We typically IM each other throughout the course of the day updating snack history and sending bits of “don’t touch that it’s EVIL” encouragement.

I told Dr. Li about Operation Birthday Suit and he cracked up. He said “So your goal is to lose weight until you can stand to look at yourself in your birthday suit.” Sure. Why not. And then he said, “Or when Court likes you in yor birthday suit” and I said “Court LOVES me just the way I am” (or something like that) and Dr. Li chuckled and said “Yes, yes. I know.” Was that a hint of patronization? Grrr. I couldn’t help myself, I blurted “I lost 5 pounds!” And his immediate response was “Yes! And you look 5 pounds lighter.” Then he got an evil look in his eye and said “Tell you what, I want to see you at the end of this Operation Birthday Suit. Why don’t you make your next appointment around there? If you are still having trouble with your jaw we can do a little PT then.” You’re on. NOTE: There will be no viewing of my birthday suit. If I’m so hot I can’t stand it, I will wear a bathing suit. hahahha. I’d advise againt breath holding.

And so I leave you with a pep talk between me and Smartass:

-Shelby Cass
Think of the skinny clothes you could buy with that money in 2 months

I know
I’m not good with delayed gratification though

-Shelby Cass
me neither.
I suck at it.
I had bacon on my turkey sandwich yesterday

heh, me too

-Shelby Cass
but I did NOT have a scoop of cookie dough which is taunting me from the fridge.
Good thing the chocolate chips hurt my jaw to chew

maybe I need to get punched in the face so it’s harder for me to eat

-Shelby Cass
no, I’m thinking not.

yeah, that’s probably not a good idea

-Shelby Cass
Remember, I paid someone 50,000 to break my jaw and I STILL gained weight.


Peace out!

The Li-ster

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

I’m about to go see The Famous Dr. Li in Palo Alto and I thought I would post that info so that I would be forced to post the details later.  I’m going to hear a lot about my non-compliance with his instructions to see a PT…and evidently people who have had this surgery can all open their mouths wider than I can MUCH SOONER so I am a double wuss-slacker.

I measured my all the way open between the upper and lower teeth distance as a little over an inch.  Yeah, I know.  Far from ideal.

And so I go, tail between legs, to be reprimanded by my doc who will hear nothing but uh-huhs and yeah you’re right’s…UNLESS he insists I have not lost weight (3-5 lbs depending on the day thank you very much)  in which case I will probably get kicked out his office for being loud(er) and abnoxious(er).

La La La La La Interesting Drug

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Today I go to 2 doctors who will cause me pain…for the greater good. First, due to my extreme unpleasant experience as of late with foods in the tree nut family, I get to lie face down on an allergist’s table and turn into his own personal voodoo doll. Joy! From there I journey a tad further south to the lovely Dr. Quo who will, I’ve been told, put my FINAL wires on my braces. I’m not sure what that means. Maybe they are excited because they never have to replace my wire again. In any case, my back back teeth are still on guarded and unfriendly terms, so if these wires are to be my last, I’m sure to have enjoyed my last meal for a while. And what was that meal? Eggo Waffles. It’s part of my waffle diet.

Speaking of diets. I have lost 5 pounds. Awesome. I fit into a couple things that scoffed at my approach before. I had really only lost about 2, but then I had the great misfortune of encountering a sticky flu bug. That was a pleasant week (NOT). But the end result was my scale reading 155 and has been ever since, so that was the sick diet.

Speaking of allergies, (okay not a good segue, but it was a topic only moments ago) Court and I are going on a little road trip tomorrow down to San Juan Capistrano (aka almost San Diego). After much pensive deliberation, we have decided to adopt a kitten. Did I say pensive deliberation? Well I’m sure some of that happened when we weren’t looking, but really it had a lot to do with Rira…the neediest whiniest cat in the world. We thought she hated Mommy. Well, not hate, but she obviously gave Mommy whatever Mommy wanted (including the bed), and I thought that when Mommy went to kitty heaven (where I’ve been told she has a personal angel devoted to kitty ear massages) that Rira would eventually claim nighttime bed privileges and that would be that. Not so. With the reclaiming of the bed came the constant running narration (in the form of LOUD – remember she’s deaf-MREOWing) of what she is doing at ALL times. Cat’s being nocturnal, those ALL times don’t mesh well with our sleep schedules. So even though Rira hates other cats, and will have a doozy of a time accepting a new one into our home, we are adopting a kitten for her (and us). The little girl kitty is the same breed as Rira (Himalayan) but with flame (orange) points instead of seal (dark brown) like Rira (you know, so we can tell them apart – heh).  The allergy part of this story is that Court is actually allergic to cats, except for Rira and Mommy, so we’re gambling a little and hoping that the same breed as Rira (Mommy was a lovely tortie stray) with long hair like Rira and Mommy and being a girl like Rira and Mommy will maybe hopefully be the formula for allergy-free Court.  Here’s to hoping!

Re: The oft mentioned Dr. Li, I have an appointment to see him next Thursday and I’ll be sure to let you know what kind of a stern lecture and disappointed looks I will receive, having not even called a physical therapist, let alone visited one to get my jaw working properly. Why the procrastination? Well, it can’t be my busy hectic schedule, since my motto is “the more the merrier” when it comes to errands. So I guess it’s plain old fashioned fear and my inability (read: unwillingness) to look forward to (in the form of scheduling and showing up for appointments) what will surely be long sessions of pain. I know, in the end I’ll be able to yawn without a squeak of pain when my jaw reaches it limits, and maybe I’d be able to eat a piece of fruit without first having to cut it into little pieces. I did eat a banana yesterday, but it was not very attractive, and I couldn’t QUITE get my teeth out of the way during insertion, so there was a lot of banana on my braces. Hooray for portable tooth brushes!

Hasta le pasta.