The Li-ster

I’m about to go see The Famous Dr. Li in Palo Alto and I thought I would post that info so that I would be forced to post the details later.  I’m going to hear a lot about my non-compliance with his instructions to see a PT…and evidently people who have had this surgery can all open their mouths wider than I can MUCH SOONER so I am a double wuss-slacker.

I measured my all the way open between the upper and lower teeth distance as a little over an inch.  Yeah, I know.  Far from ideal.

And so I go, tail between legs, to be reprimanded by my doc who will hear nothing but uh-huhs and yeah you’re right’s…UNLESS he insists I have not lost weight (3-5 lbs depending on the day thank you very much)  in which case I will probably get kicked out his office for being loud(er) and abnoxious(er).

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  1. learian says:

    Okay, I give up and can’t stand it. What did the one and only Dr. Li say? I tell you, I love this guy. He’s a one of a kind. From what I can gather in “personal” conversations with him when I mention your name while lounging in the chair staring at the blank screen, he thinks you’re pretty special. “Personal” could be defined by my saying “didya read what Shelby said about you in her blog” and his responding with a big grin. Just post again already, will you? Best, Learian from Sleepnet

  2. Brandy says:

    Yep….I’m dying to hear too! Come on girl…dish! What did the ever tactful Dr. Li say today? You know I bet he reads your blog regularly, I mean you are very entertaining, and who doesn’t like to read about themselves? LOL…

    Whats the verdict regarding your ROM? Did you get your allergy screening done yet?


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