First time my scale has seen below 155 in a loooooong time.  I’m even almost going to someday soon weigh less than my boyfriend.  I’ll try not to celebrate by eating cake.

4 Responses to “154.5”

  1. jose says:

    great success! high-five!

    here’s a wonderful cake-less idea for a celebration:

    morrissey @ the fillmore; 9/23-9/27(!)

  2. a father says:

    better idea-the Kings of Leon at the Warfield next week.

  3. Shelby says:

    Is that an invitation? :)

  4. a father says:

    Wish it were. Can’t go due to probation stipulations and that darn restraining order you took out on me. What a perfect evening that could never be.
    Father/Daughter/Lover and a band of a cousin and three brothers from the south who lived in London. There’s wierd and wacky in the air.

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