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Youth Culture Killed My Dog, and Sleep Hygiene Killed My Blog

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Last I saw Dr. Li he told me that getting up in the middle of the night and shining light (via the computer monitor) directly onto my retinas was probably one of the worst things I could do for insomnia…and so I stopped. As a result, yes I sleep more per night…wake up, pout that I cannot get on the computer, pout a little more, then fall asleep again…but I have also sadly neglected my blog. And so here I am.

Happy Halloween!!!

ergo elf 2

From the Ergo Elf

ergo elf

Elf Costume + Elvis Glasses = Elfis

Operation Birthday Suit Results

Friday, October 12th, 2007

My birthday was 2 days ago and my scale showed 149…UNDER 150?!? Thrilled. Operation Turkey Trot now underway.

When I Saw Dr. Li, he was happy with my progress (in the weight loss department). He said, “Getting warm…” and I didn’t quite get it…so he raised his eyebrows in a PG-13 kind of way and said, “Keep going…to HOT.” I gufawed. Honestly. He doesn’t want to see me again until next year *sniff* so I guess he’s sick of my mug. One thing he did note was how incredibly wiggly my teeth are. He was a little concerned so took an x-ray to make sure the roots were not significantly shorter, and found that in fact they had not changed since before the surgery, which is great.

Went to Dr. Quo and found out…(sorry, but I have to yell here I’m so excited) MY BRACES ARE COMING OFF IN 4 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!! *hop hop hop* *boing boing boing* WooooHooooooo!!!!!!

On Monday night my throat started to hurt…and got worse and worse. And Tuesday my throat hurt more. And Wednesday my throat hurt in a different way that was not a better way and I had to teach a class and went home immediately after. My friend Colleen had even decorated my desk all pink and frilly and I sat at it for all of 15 minutes total. Then I went home, had some Mrs. Grass’ chicken noodle soup (it’s all about that golden egg) and Court came home early from work and was all set to do whatever I wanted for my birthday dinner…and I was a lump and sadly had to tell him I was not hungry. I asked if I could take a raincheck for my birthday…and that doesn’t really work, so I think I have to wait until next year. It’s just not the same when you toast to your birthday that has already happened… By yesterday (Thursday) my sore throat had migrated and now I have a chest cold and icky icky cough. The weather is perfect for me to snuggle up with the kitties, drink hot tea, watch Smallville (he so cute) and make jewelry, so that is what I shall do. You can’t stop me.

My friend David brought cookies over last night from his mom for me. I told him if he loved me he wouldn’t have brought them all…because now I will eat them all. Yummmmerlicious. How many jumping jacks do you think I have to do per cookie? just let me know and I’ll start jumping.

Off to see the wizard!

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

I’m headed out the door to see Dr. Li and show him the ultimate success of Operation Birthday Suit. If I had a fatsuit in a bikini (like in Shallow Hal) I would SO wear it today.

Today I weigh 151 lbs. That is, I believe, less than my pre-surgery weight and minus at least 10 lbs from the time Dr. Li told me I was “much hotter 20 lbs ago”. So…halfway there. I also got a receipt in the mail from Dr. Li’s office, and it showed…get this…a ZERO balance!!!!!! Hooray! Now I just have to pay back my father and I get to start living debt free with all the oxygen I want to breathe at night. Awesome.

I was looking at the picture of me and Bill from Vegas and I notice we look remarkably similar. Did you notice that too?


I’m going to ask Dr. Li if all his patients end up 1/2 Japanese.

By the way, no congrats on Operation Birthday Suit…we’re now moving on to Operation Turkey Trot. I don’t feel I rightfully earned congrats on OBS because I kind of cheated with the whole kidney-infection-can’t keep-anything-down, braces-banded-shut-lips-torn-to-shreds-so-I-look-like-a-giant-herpe, so-I-stay-at-home-and-mope-for-a-month-and-am-unable-to-eat-my-comfort-food thing.

Operation Turkey Trot: 141 by Thanksgiving and have an exercise routine.  Readysetgo!

Operation BBQ Pulled Pork NACHOS and the 1st Annual Kasey’s Kids Convention

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Ah, the loveliness of the world that is timeshares…and if you JUST SAY NO you can get FREE trips to Vegas.  But if you say yes, you’ve bought yourself a monthly payment that you get to will to your kids.  Won’t they love you?  Anywho, before all the kidney fun and braces banding and shredding of my lips, I had “won” this trip, so Wednesday night saw us sliding onto a plane to Sin City, and what followed after that…well, I know what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but I’m going share, as is my nature.

First of all, I couldn’t get Courtland to NOT work, so of course he brought his computer and I figured, heck, if he gets to geek out, I can at least check my email.  So I checked…and found out that a fellow Kasey’s Kid (that would be another person who had the same surgery for sleep apnea) was in town…so we arranged an impromptu meeting.  It just underlines the fact that I cannot go ANYWHERE without running into someone I know…  So SeattleBill, Courtland and I met up and hit the town.dreamette and seattlebill

Pachooeychomp!!!  Courtland and Bill reenact the tragic Sigfried and Roy event.

meow from vegas mreow

And then it happened.  Only hours before our flight home, we stopped for lunch at what appeared to be your typical diner…but no.  On the menu was something that made my heart (and cholesterol) leap.  It read: Barbeque Pulled Pork Nachos.  It must be mine.  So I ordered, and the waiter IMMEDIATELY said, “Um.  It’s BIG.”  I said, “Okay” and he said, “No, I mean REALLY BIG.  4 people could share it.  It’s like our house specialty.  People get their pictures taken with it.”  And I looked at Courtland and he said “Get it” and I said to the waiter, “You can charge me full price and make me a mini one” to which he replied, “No.  But you can take the rest home with you.”  So we got the camera out, I took the rubber bands off of my teeth (I’m sure the waiter was wondering how the heck I was going to eat anything talking through clenched teeth like I was), and we waited…and it was worth it.


And with that, my diet was over.

The eyes in the Entire restaurant followed my nachos from the kitchen to my table and people were staring so much and so shocked at the enormity of it that I invited everyone over to try some.  No one took me up on it…they just stared.  And I ate.


And I ate.


And I ate.


img_3946.jpg Our waiter was so impressed he asked to have his picture taken with me.

To be completely honest, Courtland helped a little.  he had like 5 chips, so I didn’t do it all myself.  And to be even more honest, I really just took a fork to that mountain and ate all the BBQ pulled pork off the top of it, then asked the waiter to bring the plate back empty.  But don’t get me wrong.  I ATE A LOT.  And it was good.  And I am so glad that I hate Las Vegas and won’t go back anytime soon because more than one mountain of BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos in one’s lifetime is probably quite enough.