Slip Sliding Away…

Well Gollllyyyyy! So this is life post-braces. Bring out the gum!

Let me tell you a little story about my yesterday.

Walked into Dr. Quo’s Mid-Peninsula Orthodontics and saw my name on the big screen, hailing my soon to be un-braced status. Christina greeted me with her usual lovely smile, checked me in, and away I went…


There are many awesome women working with Dr. Quo, but only one lucky woman was going to get the honor of prying pieces of porcelain from my teeth. Turns out Jamie got Shelby detail.

jamie and shelby selfBEFORE (ugh self portraits while lying in a dentist’s chair…I don’t advise this for your portfolio)



jamie and shelby after Where’d they go?!?

molds bottom Oh, you thought we were done.

molds top NEVER. BWA-ha-ha-ha This is another self-portrait. I kept cracking Jamie up because she’d maneuver all this goop in my mouth and while waiting for it to set, I kept pointing the camera back at her.

Shelby and Dr. Quo Dr. Quo makes her first appearance on my blog! She calls everyone “my dear” and is full of awesome. Right before this picture was taken, the whole team got together with noise makers and screamed congratulations and gave me a bottle of the bubbly. Bubbly what? Martinelli’s of course. It’s chilling as we speak.

Today I saw my dentist Dr. Steve and found out I got one little cavity (I have named it crapity) on the back of one of my top teeth, but ooh how I love me some slippy slidey teeth!

It’s official. I have reached New and Improved Shelby Status! I have cool night breathing action and BONUS slippy teeth! Buy one, get one free! Limited quantity. Hurry now!

First food post-braces: See’s candy butterscotch lolly (no teeth used, but nummy just the same)

First action post-braces: FLOSS (without a stupid threader!)

Second action post-braces: Totally DISCO dance in front of the entire office.

Regarding my surgery here’s what I have noticed. I can now feel (that sounds weird, but it’s the only way I can describe it) the places that are numb. Turns out I have one spot on my lower lip still MIA and most of the fronts of my gums are on haitus in the sensitivity department. My teeth are SOOOPER wiggly but I can’t tell since there’s no feeling in my gums…but Dr. Steve had fun wiggling them around a little.

I now move into official post-post surgery status. And so it goes…

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the update! You look great! How exciting! You know I’m just living vicariously through you these days! LOL! I guess I will bring my camera to my ortho appointment too and post all my gory details as you have.

    I might get some strange looks though, I mean you are still young so people just think its cute when you are goofy. At my age, they just think your a freakin weirdo! LOL…. Not like I really care though, I have told them I have been blogging my entire journey and that I talk to several others who have had this surgery. So I will just say I need proof to post on my blog for all those soon to be debraced people waiting to see what happens.

    Seriously though! Congratulations! Sounds like you are getting near the end of this journey. Your breathing better, sleeping and dreaming, you completed the birthday suit diet goal, AND you have fabulous looking teeth now. What more could a girl ask for? I mean really? Ok…I can think of a few things but I think you get my point right? I’m sure everyone was just in awe, especially when you did the DISCO versio of the naked teeth dance around the office! (It makes me chuckle just trying to imagine it)

    How is your range of motion these days? Are you still unable to open your mouth very wide? Enquiring minds want to know. : ) Congratulations again, and I’m going to go look at your pics one more time so I can be even more excited about my upcoming debracing date (21 days and counting)


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