Skip this post if you are sick of hearing about my kidneys

I’m going to make a time line…I am hoping to figure something out. It started in July of this year when I decided to go back on THE PILL. You know the one. Although there are millions of pills in the world, if you say you are on THE PILL, not many have to ask for clarification, unless they want to know “which one”. So, I warned Courtland…I am going to be nauseated and horrible for 3 months. And he said okay, and so it began.

The nausea. The uck. The horrible horrible uck. More than a few times Court said “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea” and I would say “I’ve done it this far, I may as well stick with it. Only 3 months…”

I guess I should add here that the reason I stopped the pill many years ago for health reasons. I had bad side effects and decided to detox for a while.

So, July began the trouble and August sucked. In September I began feeling the pain in my left flank inside. I passed a couple stones. I got pyelonephritis after insisting I had an infection and no one believed me until I produced blood in a cup. So they treated me for that. I still had nausea with eating and drinking, and the pain. Oh the pain. But as you know, the urologist I got told me I psychically predicted my kidney infection because that pain was completely unrelated.

I went a few days (the lst few days of your pill pack) without nausea and things were feeling better when I started my next pill pack and BOOM nausea. And that was the beginning of month 4 so I was OVER IT. And I stopped the pill. The nausea is less, but still there. The pain is definitely still there. What pain? Let me try to describe it: When I inhale I get a SHARP stabbing pain under my ribcage on the left towards the back. While inhaling, if I press on my side I can make it hurt more (wooo fun!) and when I toss and turn at night it wakes me up. I am unable to create the pain without flinching or making sad noises. The good news is it only hurts with inhaling and not exhaling, so only 50% of my day sucks.

In October I got a cold. It started in my throat and went into my chest. I got a cough. Sounded worse than it felt. The pain is not when I cough. It’s when I take in a deep breath.

It’s November. I worked all of 4 HOURS in September with all this stuff, and now it looks like November will be a money hemorrhage month too. I hope you don’t mind getting well wishes from me instead of gifts this holiday season! So anywho, I was at work on Monday when the pain stopped being just with inhaling, I couldn’t even pick anything up with my left hand without pain, so I went to urgent care on the advice of my doctor. I have never wanted surgery so badly. I seriously was praying for gallstones so they could rip the gallbladder out and be done with it already. So you can imagine my despair when the ultrasound came back clear (only a tiny polyp in the gallbaldder and a mildly swollen bile duct) and the chest xray showed nothing significant.

My doc has scheduled one more ultrasound of my kidneys this time for Monday and then wants to pass me to a GI specialist. She wants to get this solved before I get on a plane for Thanksgiving week in Hawaii. SO DO I. But what do I do if she hasn’t? Grr… If it was just pain, I would deal. I can deal with pain. But the nausea. And the lack of appetite. I don’t want FOOD?!?!? That’s just insane. And I just got my braces off!!! I should be celebrating with crap…but I am not. I am celebrating with bland food and ginger ale and lots of pills.

I just want an answer…and I want to be able to eat food…and enjoy it…and…okay I’m done complaining. Just wanted to vent a little because I know my posts are usually happy and positive but this has been eating at me for far too long. I’m getting super depressed…and I don’t even feel like eating to help myself! Stick a fork in. I’m done.

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  1. Brandy says:

    Wow Shelby! You poor thing! Sounds like you have been to hell and back over the past few months. I have had kidney stones before, AND had a baby. Let me tell you that the pain from the kidney stones was worse then labor, so I can totally empathize with your discomfort.

    How frustrating it must be to know that things aren’t right but the specilists can’t seem to find anything. It is maddening how they have to keep passing people off to different types of specialist these days too! Maybe this one will be the one who can find out what is wrong. I sure hope so, for your sake.

    I stopped taking the pill a long time ago because it and I don’t get along either. The nausea was like having morning sickness 24/7 and trust me, the one week I had it was more then enough. I ended up going off of it and having my husband get snipped. He was willing, and I couldn’t take the side effects anymore. I’m sure that is probably not an option for you two though, since you are still so young and may want children one day.

    I do hope they can get you fixed up for your trip to Hawaii though. It is such a great place and will suck if you are not feeling well or up to enjoying it. Plus part of the fun of vacation is trying out new restaurants and new foods. If your not in the mood to eat then that is going to be difficult too. :( Do you think all of this was caused by the pill?, or just different issues that coincided with your starting it up again? I have never heard of anyone having pyelonephritis in connection with the pill, or breathing issues either.

    Is the pain in your chest related to the cold you got? I know I started with a sore throat a few weeks ago. It turned into a cold, then moved into my throat and chest. 5 weeks later I’ve done 10 days of Biaxin, and they now have me on 875mg Augmentin for the next 10 days to see if we can get rid of the sinus infection, and respiratory crap it has tranformed into. My doctor says it is the flu even though I have not had a fever or the symptoms that go along with it. I personally think he is full of crap!

    Sometimes I think the doctors are all just guessing at this stuff. It can be almost maddening when you know something is wrong, but they just discount you like you are a freaking moron. Then when it becomes serious they are like “oh…gee, maybe you were right” I want to just slap them sometimes. They don’t realize how being sick wears on a person, and how much income is lost due to missing work. I mean really they don’t have to worry about that. It is just so frustrating, and depressing!

    I do hope they figure out what is ailing you soon and that you will get to feeling better in the next week or so. I will send some happy healing vibes your way, who knows maybe it will work! At the very least, you have my utmost sympathy (for what thats worth) and I really do feel your pain. It sucks to be sick!

    Take care of you!


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