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Happy Merry Stuff

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

So, today…Christmas Day…2007. Hard to imagine exactly a year ago I was preparing to go to bed wearing a CPAP machine FOR THE LAST TIME.

CPAP sleep

good morning CPAPIn all my CPAP chinstrap glory

The Day of SurgePre-Knife (or was it a hacksaw? How DO they cut through bone these days?)

Upon AwakeningThe Recovery Begins

day 2Day 2

pizza notThe Day (2 months post op) I tried to eat Pizza (yes, I was frustrated, how can you tell?)

liquid candyThe Day Nicholas brought me LIQUID CANDY. mmmmmmm

cats and drugs All I needed was my cat and my drugs.

ah sleep Ah, sweet sleep…and sweeter dreams. NOTE: Lack of CPAP machine. w00t!

Best Holiday Wishes to all of you and yours…and Sweetest Dreams Possible.



Where the heck did December go?

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Here we are at the halfway mark of December and way too much has happened. It’s like it snowed but instead of snow I got stuff dumped everywhere.

Backtracking briefly, Hawaii for Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL. Miles is such a cutie (E&S’s soon-to-be 5 year old). We were hanging out in the hottub and he said, “Shelby, you know what?” And I said “what?” and he said “You can pee in the ocean.” And I laughed and said yes you can. And then he got even MORE serious and said, “but NOT in the pool.” I almost peed in the hottub right about then.

miles under table This is where Miles liked to hang out and ask Courtland all those “WHY” questions. It was so cute (From the other side of the room it also looked like Court was talking to himself).

Miles taught us how to boogie board.

img_4421.jpg img_4432.jpg

img_4378.jpg img_4455.jpg

Do I wish we were still there?

Yes. Yes I do.

tara and shelby prom

Tara and I do our Thanksgiving prom pose.

nicholas bunny ears

I harass Nicholas


I am a dork


David has known me since I was 17…and he’s still hangin around. Suckah!!!!

court and nicholas glasses img_4507.jpg

Courtland got glasses and I told everyone I traveled with BACKUP (aka Nicholas) since everyone thought they were twins.

img_4566.jpg You can’t tell, but Court is pinching my fat rolls.



img_4568.jpg My favorite picture from this trip.

Okay…next time I’ll tell you about more things in the past. w00t.