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Nuclear Eggs: It’s What’s For Breakfast

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Gastric Emptying test = eat these eggs we laced with nuclear-ness and lie down on this uncomfy piece of metal and stay here in place for 90 minutes…Don’t move. Readysetgo.

Hooray for it being over. And hooray for my stomach emptying in the right direction (down) and at an acceptable rate. Boo for the cramps when the eggs were ready to leave the house of Shelby, but got the results and I am good to go. Next stop: stuff a scope down my throat and meet my belleh. Git in mah belleh! Luckily the prep for that one is simply not eating or drinking prior. The prep for the other one (the flexible sigmoid-uck-scopy) not as lucky. Very Ucky. good news is: I don’t have to do that prep again (knock on wood) until I’m 50.

So here I am taking my prilosec and prevacid before brushing my teeth (since even that makes me all mmmblah-y) and staying in the non-nausea zone. At least it’s controlled and I’m not gagging all over clients. I do hope my olfactory factory chills the f out soon though. I can not STAND smells…I even think _I_ smell. It’s not so pleasant. I even had to take a couple weeks off of my “carpool” (I give someone a ride home) because I can smell her…and I’ve been giving her rides for a long time so I know this was not a problem before. She doesn’t even smell BAD. She just smells like HER, and that bugs me. Nice. I know I’m going to end up in a bubble. Well, they have ear plugs. I’m sure I will find nose plugs if need be.

Coffee smells good though. My friend Lisa recommended I keep a little tin of coffee beans or grinds nearby to wipe my slate. I think I just might.

Happy 2008 n stuff!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of the year.  What are you going to do about that?  Personally, I started today out just like yesterday…slowly…lazily…because I could.  Tomorrow is the first work day of 2008 and my alarm will get plenty of use from there on out, but for today?  Morning pills (for this unnamed plague of my innards), nap while pills settle, some cinnamon bread from Semmifreddi’s, play a little Zelda target shooting Wii with my boy, eat some mochi (no, not my catthat stuff Japanese peeps like to eat today), Facebook a bit, play some more Wii (ala Rayman’s Raving Rabbids!!!), do a little dance (dance revolution), take a bath, rest my weary head again, get brought an iced coffee by my Pookie, read outdated Newsweek (the poor poor comma is going by the wayside), get dressed, get back online, decide to read The Tao of Pooh (per Nicholas’ recommendation), but first must blog entire morning…whew.  Maybe I need another nap!  Life is hard.  Let’s go shopping.

Last night Courtland and I picked Nicholas up from SFO a little after 11pm and reunited him with his car which we kindly babysat whilst he was away in Boston (for some reason it got terrible gas mileage…*cough* drag racing *cough*).  We persuaded him to come up for the kicking out of 2007 and the stern lecturing of 2008, and with Martinelli’s and Veuve in hand, we vowed to make 2008 The Year of Healing.  Hear Ye.  Hear Ye.

courtland and nicholascheers!

I was there too me too!!!

So welcome to 2008.  Year of awesome.