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The Burninator

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

I am the Burninator. Let me tell you why. The roof of my mouth is numb. I’m kind of in denial I guess about exactly HOW numb it is, because a few weeks ago I had my first post-surgery hard candy and was shocked at how weird it felt in my mouth. It basically pointed out every single numb spot it hit by spontaneously disappearing when I moved it over one. So..I’m numb. Whatever. Wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Would do the surgery again if transported back in time and just got diagnosed with sleep apnea. That does not, however, make me a smart person. No. Far from.

A few days ago Courtland and I felt the need to visit the golden arches. We usually split one meal plus extra sandwich so as to offset some of the guilt we feel towards our waistlines after dining. There was a new sandwich advertised all over the place. The new Southwestern Chicken Sandwich. And after ordering it, I found out that “Southwestern” means 2 pickles and no sauce. So now you know. Anywho, after powering down my half of the fresh from the fryer fries, I dug into said sandwich and watched enviously as Court devoured his Quarter Pounder. I couldn’t help it. I asked for a bite. And after that tasty taste, I offered him a bite of mine which he accepted. He leaned over the table, took a bite, and let out a howl as the bite dropped out of his mouth. “It’s HOT!” Hm.. I hadn’t noticed.

I took another bite and observed how I expertly re-routed all too-hot bits to the roof of my mouth until suitable for chewing. Interesting. I ate the rest of my sammie and would probably not have remembered the entire incident except later in the evening, when I swapped my day retainer for my night one, my tongue touched the roof of my mouth and I thought, “THAT doesn’t feel right.” I had to think a moment about why the roof of my mouth felt literally torn up until I remembered…and then I looked…and oooh baby. I think that’s what they call 3rd degree burns. Yeah? Yucky blisters? I am the Burninator. Numb, evidently = Dumb.

Lunchies and Crunchies with sleep apnea peeps

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

I’m so glad I wrote about the sleep apnea surgery I had…because I keep learning every day that it helps people…even in the littlest ways. Like, just letting them know someone’s been there, done that… The other day I received a comment on a very old post from a guy about to have the same MMA/GA I had who, it turns out, works down the street from where I live. He asked if I would mind meeting him for lunch sometime, so of course I said yes. I mean, I kind of had to. He caught all my Morrissey references. Did you?

So, we met at Luna’s…I never say no to Mexican food, and well, John is awesome…and I am so excited for him. Not because he’s getting surged (though it’s by the amazing Dr. Li so I’m not at all worried), but that he’s going to start his healing journey soon…and I look forward to hearing or reading all about it. We talked about the “chin bonus” of the surgery, but overall, we just talked about life with sleep apnea and the things that will most likely change when it fades into the background. John is also a mashup king and had made me 2 discs of his faves. Super score!

I did take a picture…and I can look at it on my camera, but my computer no likee, so you no see. Sorry. I’ll check with John and if he’s cool with it, I’ll mention his blog next entry. He’s writing his blog in letters to mom format which I think is awesome. (If only my mom would get online EVER. Court and I gave her my old computer but so far I think it’s probably being used as a stool for her to sit on.)

I saw hottie Dr. Steve yesterday and he polished up my theethses all nice and squeaky clean. He has a Shelby too. Have I mentioned that? Well, we all think it’s funny. They just had a baby (8 weeks ago) so I got to hear all about it. My teeth still don’t touch in the back on the left and I am really bummed about that, because I’m pretty sure it means more things attached to my teeth. grr arg.

This is more rambly than usual. Don’t know why. Guess the brain is here and there and occasionally pitches in a word or two.

I just got a picture today from some friends who had us over a little while ago. I think I might like it. What do you think? Here it is.

Shelby and Courtland(taken by Sumul Shah )