Lunchies and Crunchies with sleep apnea peeps

I’m so glad I wrote about the sleep apnea surgery I had…because I keep learning every day that it helps people…even in the littlest ways. Like, just letting them know someone’s been there, done that… The other day I received a comment on a very old post from a guy about to have the same MMA/GA I had who, it turns out, works down the street from where I live. He asked if I would mind meeting him for lunch sometime, so of course I said yes. I mean, I kind of had to. He caught all my Morrissey references. Did you?

So, we met at Luna’s…I never say no to Mexican food, and well, John is awesome…and I am so excited for him. Not because he’s getting surged (though it’s by the amazing Dr. Li so I’m not at all worried), but that he’s going to start his healing journey soon…and I look forward to hearing or reading all about it. We talked about the “chin bonus” of the surgery, but overall, we just talked about life with sleep apnea and the things that will most likely change when it fades into the background. John is also a mashup king and had made me 2 discs of his faves. Super score!

I did take a picture…and I can look at it on my camera, but my computer no likee, so you no see. Sorry. I’ll check with John and if he’s cool with it, I’ll mention his blog next entry. He’s writing his blog in letters to mom format which I think is awesome. (If only my mom would get online EVER. Court and I gave her my old computer but so far I think it’s probably being used as a stool for her to sit on.)

I saw hottie Dr. Steve yesterday and he polished up my theethses all nice and squeaky clean. He has a Shelby too. Have I mentioned that? Well, we all think it’s funny. They just had a baby (8 weeks ago) so I got to hear all about it. My teeth still don’t touch in the back on the left and I am really bummed about that, because I’m pretty sure it means more things attached to my teeth. grr arg.

This is more rambly than usual. Don’t know why. Guess the brain is here and there and occasionally pitches in a word or two.

I just got a picture today from some friends who had us over a little while ago. I think I might like it. What do you think? Here it is.

Shelby and Courtland(taken by Sumul Shah )

2 Responses to “Lunchies and Crunchies with sleep apnea peeps”

  1. Bill says:

    Dear Sheby:

    Dear Roger;
    GREAT MMA Blob …You are so wonderful to make this contribution to the world.

    Boy, you look GREAT after surgery and cured you OSA too…I hope your pain and loose teeth got better.

    Did you have any problems with getting insurance to cover because you used the CPAP I heard some people do…the only reason I wear it is doctors tell me too. I am just as tired or more tired on it…(the CPAP (2 YEARS OF IT) make me more tired after about 8 pressure setting…and my blood pressure medication has almost tripled on CPAP..) This famous (well published and well known) doctor who is a sleep doctor, an ENT doctor and airway expert said after 3 scopes (one scope under anesthesia to see what my airway is like when I was asleep) SAID WITH MY AIRWAY THE CPAP WOULD never help me…He said the CPAP would never push down my tongue and airway problems said sleep test and CPAP are just numbers. He said CPAP IS GREAT WITH FAT…AND OTHER STUFF BUT NOT MY AIRWAY…Nothing else after seeing 60 specialists have been found to cause my severe tiredness where I can’t even work. And lost my girlfriend of 3 years and cant function well…my family thinks I am just lazy. They do not understand…I use to be so productive and awake. My life is ruined. I live like a hermit.

    Another doctor told me yes that true…that is one of the first things they tell you in medical school…test are just a reflection of what is going on in the body.

    But he want to cut out part of my tongue….that scares me because not proven, he I think invented this new way…and it is to new to go with..He thinks MMA has too many morbities, but other doctors think tongue surgeries have too many morbities…but this doctor says not the way he does it.

  2. It forces fresh oxygen into your lungs while you rest, making it impossible for your airway passages to become obstructed. There are automatically adjusted forms of the machine that can be easier on people who find it difficult to deal with the sensations.

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