Fun with Shrimp

Apologies for the haitus I took from the blog mid-recovery.  I kind of got censored…long story…and got upset and considered not writing anymore.  I am now officially over that thought.

So where were we?  Dr. Li, with hands as fine as a bee’s wing, took 5 stitches out of my throat on Monday morning before I went back to work.  I was really (REALLY) not looking forward to sharp sharp scissors in my throat, but honestly…Dr. Li is an angel in disguise as a surgeon.  I barely felt a thing, and life (in my throat) has been so much more pleasant ever since.

I worked 4 hours on Monday (translate into: I talked for 2 hours) and that was about all I could do, but every day got better and by Wednesday I was up to talking about 4 hours (that’s what I do.  I talk.), though I was very happy not to have to work on Thursday.  David came over and we cleaned a bunch – hello clean kitchen!  Then we all went to dinner at Luna’s and I found out that if I ask (*glee*), I can get flour torilla chips.  Luna’s = my new favorite Mexican restaurant if I can’t get to Juan’s.  Friday I did some reporting and billing and at 4pm met up with a couple vendors at TOWN.  Love Town.  Love it.  But I am not so sure they love me anymore.

It started out well enough.  Table out front.  Warm weather.  Pomegranate Martini (x2).  Lots of water.  An hour into the “meeting” we ordered the MUST HAVE La Brea garlic cheese bread.  Then we split a jumbo shrimp cocktail (I had 2 shrimp), I had a Grey Goose Pear Martini and then one of the guys had to go home, so I moved over to sit across from Rick and we decided to split a grilled artichoke.  Midway through the artichoke, I suddenly (I cannot explain how scary this was) felt like I was going to lose consciousness.  My ears started ringing, the world started getting dark…I managed to say to Rick “I just got a huge headrush.  I think I might pass out.”  And then…oh poor poor Rick.  And poor poor anyone EATING DINNER next to us…  I threw up.  Twice.  On the table.  No warning.  No time to move to the gutter or make a dash for the bathroom.  Just…M-blah.  Times 2.

And then I felt fine.  Okay not FINE.  But like 80% better.  And Rick escorted me to the bathroom where I had to …er…clean up…and then I went home and was fine, though tired, and EXTREMELY embarassed.  Oh I cannot tell you how mortified I was/am.  I could only imagine maybe I got a nut on accident somewhere (the only thing that has ever made me throw up before), but then Rick wrote me to say a doctor friend of his thought it was probably the shrimp.  So, back to the allergist.  Because I NEVER want to feel like that again.  EVER.  EVER.

On the throat front: I can still feel stitches in my throat (especially when I swallow) which I am quite looking forward to being GONE, but I no longer feel like I have strep.

On the weight front: I lost 8 lbs on the roto-throat adventure and have kept it off so far.  Hooray for badminton!  My new cardio sport.  We have a 2:30 badminton date so I must go get ready.

On my most recent obsession: You must see Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  And then watch it 10 more times.  And sing along!  Yeah, that’s what I do.  If you don’t want to buy it on itunes (massively awesome investment), watch it here: Hulu and THEN buy it on iTunes because you’re addicted like me.

On the brilliance of my boyfriend:  drinks

The end.

Peace.  But not literally…oh watch Dr. Horrible.

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  1. muki says:

    Hi Shelby:
    So happy to have you back on line, and that you will continue blogging despite that most unfortunate censorship experience—this is beyond awful, and i am so glad you are soldiering on, because if you had stopped blogging, this would have been a huge loss for me and for the rest of this community. You, have had a dreadful summer with the “bonus” Dr. Li surgery, and now that restaurant incident, courtesy of bad crustaceans. Happy to hear though, that your throat is slowly, but surely, on the mend. Am keeping my whole body crossed this time around for you to get great news at your follow up sleep study. Am hoping you are planning to attend the MMA forum reunion in September that Learian is organizing in Palo Alto. There are few details on the event as of late on sleepnet, however, and I am a bit worried about whether this get together will actually happen. If you should speak with Learian, would you mind asking her if this event is still on? I sure hope it is, not only because I would love to meet other MMA/GA/Stanford sleep clinic peeps, but also because it may be a chance to finally meet you in person. Hope this new week goes well for you Shelby. If you you should run into a problem with my e-mail, you can also call me at 415-564-6840. Take good care, and please keep the gang posted on your recovery.
    Muki “AKA” Julie

  2. k8e says:

    I’ve been following your progress and enjoying your blogging since around February of this year! Because of your blog I found out about Dr. Li and am contemplating MMA. Looking forward to meeting you at the MMA thing this weekend tonight!

  3. tara says:

    who censored you! that’s blasphemy.

  4. Shelby says:

    long story.

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