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They don’t wanna see me…NO MORE!

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

My title is probably not funny unless you’re Cynthia.

This morning (Monday) I went to see Dr. Li, my favorite doctor in the world.  He looked in my throat and pronounced me stitch free.  I wondered why I still had sore throats after talking and he explained that while the stitches were in my throat was reacting to the foreign material and only now after the stitches are gone can the tissue fully heal.

I had emailed Dr. Li over the weekend and mentioned that my chin still hurt.  I found this out on Friday when I leaned on my chin…or did I lean on my hand?  I propped myself up with my hand on my chin?  Oh you know what I’m saying.  And I felt pain…only on the right side…where the screw that broke lives.  So Dr. Li prodded that area and shook his head…I’m sure he wishes at times that I just wasn’t so darned sensitive.  I said it was fine.  Something I would live with I’m sure.  And he said give it some time and we’ll revisit it.  But then…THEN…he said “Keep in touch.  Email me in a month. I don’t need to see you.”  Yowzah!!!  I mean, I know I will have a follow up sleep study at some point, but I guess it’s true.  He doesn’t need to see me again.  *tear*  Now what am I going to blog about?

Two steps forward one step back…and then bounce forward again

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Can I just say that 3 day weekends and the following short work weeks are awesome? I think I just said it.

Tuesday morning I got a desperate call from my boss…co-worker who was supposed to teach class was not feeling well, was there any way I could teach?  Sure.  Why not.  So, I went in to work and walked straight over to the classroom where I proceeded to talk to over 30 people for 1.5 hours straight.  Good thing I’d stocked up on iced coffee and ice water.  But alas, after class my throat was none so happy.  And then I had to do 3-4 more evaluations in Mission College no less (I hate shuttling around, in all honesty).  Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled when 6 rolled around and I could stop talking until 7 when we walked down the street to Gin Mon for dinner.

Wednesday morning I woke up with…yes, a sore throat.  It actually woke me up a few times during the night too which was lovely.  I got to work and found out I was getting on the shuttle again midday to Great America, but being as it was my Friday, I wasn’t too concerned.  I stocked up again on iced coffee and water, and plunged in.  At the end of the day I STILL had a sore throat.  I mentioned this to my boss, because I noticed that next week has me teaching again, and I am a little not thrilled about that, but maybe next week will be better.  Best way to find your limits is to test them?  Well, that’s about where I am.

Yesterday (Thursday) I did not talk for over 8 hours.  Not even to the kitties.  And I feel MUCH better.  Lesson learned?  Probably not.  Next weekend is the MMA “reunion” of sorts in Sunnyvale, and what to want to bet I talk a little too much?  What else am I supposed to do?  Peeps from out of state are going to be there!  Must talk…must chat…  Talk to you later!