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Lag Lag Lag

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Left you hanging…as usual.  It’s not that I didn’t think of you all the time, but as time went on, more and more things were added to my mental list of “things to blog” and of course that resulted in overwhelming myself into silence.  Well, I’m sure you are all used to that by now.  So where were we?

Last we spoke I was on my way to the MMA “Reunion”…which is not right.  Reunion implies we had met before.  So…it was the MMA (Maxillo Mandibular Advancement, not Mixed Martial Arts) gathering.  And it was rad.  Met all sorts of cool people and put faces to names of other cool people.  All in all a wonderful day and someday I will post pictures.  Isn’t it enough I’m writing?  :)

The day after that, my frog died.  Slider, aka Sticky-E (his street name) passed away and I was sad sad sad.  I was so sad and upset that my squeamish better half offered to remove Sticky-E’s remains so that I wouldn’t have to.  Pretty serious.  And I know…it’s just a frog.  But I liked him.  No frogs legs jokes here (believe me I’ve heard them all).  That night I cleaned the terrarium and every morning since then I have walked out of my bedroom and felt a very big THUMP of guilt when I see the empty cage.  Yes…GUILT.  I think I killed him.  I mean, my only job was to keep him alive and I only managed to do that for 5 years.  These guys are supposed to live on average 10.  I am not a model frog owner.  He was sometimes hungry.  His cage was not cleaned as frequently as it should have been.  He did always have water…but you know, I could have done better.  I guess I also could have done worse.  But that was the end, I think, of my frog-owning days.  Now I am cats and gecko mom.

Synopsis of lately things: sprained my ankle last Friday.  Lovely.  But AWESOME NEWS:  It is healing like a CHARM!!!  I sprained my ankle 5 years ago when I was mis-diagnosed with narcolepsy and it took 8 MONTHS in a walking cast to heal.  Same ankle, same inversion sprain…and I’m thrilled with the progress.  Of course no badminton for a while, and yoga is on hold (I see the fat cells rallying) but ever since my MMA surgery I heal faster and on top of that, actually don’t get hurt/sick as much at all.  A credit to oxygen and sleep.  Hooray!  I’m a fan.

Bad news (and maybe someone of doctor knowledge can help here):  My nausea and vomiting is back.  I notice now a very metallic taste in the back of my throat which I figured was post nasal drip or something, but I’ve had PND my whole life and never been a puking machine like I am now.  It’s very attractive, yes, but sometimes I want to be able to turn that whole projectile thing off.  You know?  I think I have something wrong with my stomach.  Maybe from too many NSAIDs which I cannot take anymore except in emergency and only if I am not going to lie down anytime soon.  So I am sitting here with a metallic taste in the back of my mouth and nausea though not so bad, and any moment I will mosey into the bathroom (I pretend it’s on MY terms), pull my hair back into a ponytail (eeww we know why) and get up close and personal with my newly repaired (thanks manager Dan!) porcelain pal.  Not happy, Bob.

On other notes: go go go!  My car has cost me $2700 this year.  Sudoku is still addictive especially on the DS.  My birthday is on Friday.  I will be 24 again (12th annual).

Happy Saturday night!  I hope you have an awesome weekend and that you spend absolutely NONE of it unnecessarily communing with your commode.