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Truck + Dad + Ergo Sleuth =

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Dad got a new truck.  This is awesome for so many reasons.  Selfishly I think it is awesome because he could come visit me today (we’ve been visiting him since his last truck went kerpoot since he’s been driving a huge rental moving truck which sucks for gas mileage and parking ANYWHERE).  We got to chatting as we do, and he mentioned his new truck seat was giving him some trouble in the low back area.  He mused out loud that I may be able to do something in the way of help, but then wrote that thought off immediately.  But I heard him…and the brain wheels were a spinnin’.  Okay not spinnin’.  Clicking slowly?  Did I mention he came over so we could go to brunch?  This was pre-food and only one coffee into the day.

We walk down to his truck…new used truck…no bells or whistles which fits Dad just fine, but no seat adjustments either, which made me have to use my brain even more.  I was thinking I’d have fun with levers and knobs, but instead I was left with one 6’4″ body and one truck seat moved all the way back with 6’4″ body knees coming slightly above hips.  Now, if you’ve ever listened to my ergo spout (the thing below my nose), you know that one of the first things you must do when sitting down is to make sure your knees are at or slightly below your hips.  I looked at my poor dad’s lumbar spine which was being pulled forward by his pelvis (which was being pulled forward by his hamstrings) and knew what I had to do.

I quickly walked to my toolbox (aka my car) and pulled 2 seat wedges out of my trunk.  My friend Duncan had purchsed them online and they didn’t do the trick he needed so he’d given them to me guessing I would run into someone in need of them sooner than he would.  Smart Duncan.  I threw one seat wedge on (Dad hesitated and thought maybe it was more hassle than it was worth), but as soon as he sat down, he sighed “OH.  I think this might work.”


I’m never one to assume my first pass was the right/only one, so we drove to breakfast (about 15 minutes), and when we took a turn he sighed again.  “Yeah.  This works.”  Evidently, turns were a big aggravator.  So I am so happy.  I helped my dad and he said “Turns out you DO know what you’re talking about (sometimes)”.  Yeah baby.  Yeah.