The end in sight is someone mooning me.

It’s been that time for a while. What time? Blog update time. Especially since I told Julie I’d write more and then…didn’t! Boo hiss.

I just got back from Dr. I the new ortho who is getting my jaw to settle down so that I can (dreams dreams dreams) eat without pain. When he first started working with me he said he could fix my jaw issue then make my teeth touch, if I didn’t mind braces again. Of course I don’t mind braces again…if it means someday I will be a normal kid. Okay, maybe I MIND a little…but I won’t give anyone a hard time if it accomplishes my end goal, right? Dr. Li and Dr. I have spoken about my case and everyone thought all this was do-able withOUT another jaw surgery. Have you noticed yet that I am conveying what everyone thought in the past tense?

Zut alors!

Dr. I took a look at my new million dollar x-rays (okay just $300, but how many of these am I going to get this year?) and saw that my lower jaw is still sitting too far back, especially on the right where the bone has changed from all this abuse. So we played around with jaw placement and I’m pretty much going to look like Ms. Sling Blade when they get things all settled. And that’s when Dr. I started talking about making “spaces” in the upper teeth and augmenting this or that to do some “aesthetic dentistry” and I said, “Are you saying all this because really what I need is surgery?” And he kind of sighed and said maybe yes. Then talked a little about moving upper jaw forward (which means I would look like a monkey) or shortening the lower jaw…yeah, so surgery. Guess I’ll go bug Dr. Li to get those two pow-wow-ing about me.

So what did I do in reaction to all this news (which I have been fearfully suspecting but telling myself I was being paranoid for a while now)? I bought myself a double iced latte and 2 bags of sourdough snacks, sat down here and shared with you. The end. NOT!

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  1. Julie says:

    Hi Shelby:
    Thinking of you, and have wanted to check in with you. Hard to believe it has been a while since our pow pow at General Bead. Gosh, Shelby, I thought the braces would be tough enough, and I’ve admired your can do spirit. The mention of a follow up surgery just takes the fricking cake!!!! at least your ortho is trying to find alternatives to surgery, so this is all good. Looking forward to learning what Dr.Li says about surgery……on the one hand, I don’t wish surgery for you;on the other hand, if braces and splint therapy are pretty much on par with a “bandaid” solution, then I can see how surgery might be worth seriously considering. This is quite a shock, Shelby… have been such a cooperative and diligent ortho surg patient, and I am saddened to hear that you are dealing with this sort of setback. Mercifully, you have a solid and trusting relationship with each doctor, and this is a blessing, especially given the treatment dilemma at hand. Sweetie, take care, and holler if you need anything. Hope we can get another visit in before our September meetup in Sunnyvale.

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