I’ll bet Dr. Li never thought he’d have to keep in touch with a patient for sooooo long.

I should explain that I have, I believe, been having some sinus problems for at least 8 months (if not more).  I’ve been going to allergists to try to find out what this post nasal drip fountain is, and I’m not allergic to anything, so I was a wee bit baffled.  Result: pseudoephedrine to address post nasal drip.

I figured out it was my sinuses (having never had a sinus infection before that I remember) when my dentist said that my symptoms (bad breath, nerve pain in top teeth when I walked) sounded more like my sinuses.  That was on June 24, 2010.  I bombarded my body with more pseudoephedrine and my new best friend Mucinex and a megaton of water every day.  The teeth stopped hurting.  I thought I had bad breath and learned how to talk to people while inhaling whenever I had to get close to them.  I thought maybe it was coffee breath.  I don’t know.  I’m not that smart.  But I did notice that even minutes after brushing my teeth it would taste bad and really thought it was the bite guard.  Even though I efferdent it EVERY DAY and it didn’t smell bad after it was cleaned, I just figured this was something I was going to have to live with until I got my teeth to touch again someday.

The headaches (on the left side of my head only) began on June 3 (I can’t actually say if I ever had one like it before, I just know it was definitely there that day), 2010 after going to what I thought was going to be a massage and what turned out to be acupuncture, then a massage.  I thought a troll or an alien was trying to escape through the top left side of my head.

I went to the massage/acupuncture appointment because some dude had rear ended me while I was parked in a parking lot on May 13, 2010.  I figured the SEVERE and debilitating headache was my body “adjusting” to acupuncture (having never experienced acupuncture before).  Every time I went to acupuncture after that I got that SEVERE headache on the left side.  Incidentally, the massage guy massaged my sacrum into serious misalignment and I couldn’t sit without pain for weeks, so I looked up a local chiropractor (also not something I usually subscribe to, but I figured, someone popped my back out, someone else can pop it back in).

On July 9, 2010 I started seeing a chiropractor and it of course resulted in my seeing her 3 times a week for 3 weeks, then twice a week for 5 weeks, then blah blah blah etc. etc….it took months for me to be able to sit without pain.  Even now, traffic throws me into some serious discomfort.  NOTE:  Most every time she did some serious adjusting I got THE HEADACHE. Which of course was explained to me as my body adjusting to the adjustments.  This is the angry gnome trying to escape via the top left of my skull. (Yes, it is now a gnome)

Fast forward to Thanksgiving.  I was in Hawaii…and realised that my breath was so bad I was going to have to become a hermit and be single because it was really really really horrible.  Then my teeth started to hurt.  And my face was killing  me (yes I know, it’s killing you too).  DING!  Light went on.

iPad came out, symptoms entered (remember the mucinex and pseudoephedrine I’d been downing to address post nasal drip), SINUS INFECTION.  Contacted awesome doctor who I knew had one of his diplomas in Otolaryngology = antibiotics because it was that easy to diagnose.  Bad breath resolved after 1 course of antibiotics.  Awesome.  But nothing else changed.  Still post nasal drip, still headaches, face still hurt.  Of course I talked to Dr. Li and he referred me to a SINUS SPECIALIST.  wooooo.  I was so excited, even though it took about 2 months to get in.

So on January 20, 2010 I got to see the Sinus Doctor and I thought all my problems would go away.

See next post for the novel I just wrote to Dr. Li who should charge me if he answers it.

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