Dr. Li wrote back because he is a superstar.
1. My sinus infection is not due to the hardware. Of that he is sure.
2. I’ll look at the scans of your sinus and give you opinion if you really want.
3. I will take your hardware out whenever you want…but not until your blood pressure is down.

Ok. So, sinus headache: being dealt with with rinses and steroids. Headache that creeps up behind left eye from nose to forehead is potentially eye strain! Glazes arrive Thursday.
That leaves piercing angry gnome with pickax in left side of brain and unexplained very high BP.
Lowered one med that can raise BP and make nervous, but that was a week ago and my BP is the same. See both gp and shrink on same day…they will decide if we proceed with the old lookeelookkee into the mooshy stuff between my ears.
I’m happy to be down to 1 undisguised headache but scared to go back to chiro since I ALWAYS get one after treatment…hmmm…correlation!
That’s it r now!

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