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Surgery #3 Coming up on May 4. Get that titanium out of my skull!

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Just like any self-respecting OS, I need an upgrade.  Or a downgrade?  And do OSes have self respect?  In any case, I saw Dr. Li today.  He wasn’t supposed to be at work…but he was.  Go figure.  That man is never NOT working.  I wrote him on Saturday:

If I want to find out if something that hurts is a screw (I just had dental X-rays maybe a month ago) should I come in and have you look or should I go to my dentist?

I have been feeling like I have cavities in my roots on the top left and last night it was hurting pretty bad so I actually stuck my finger up into the gums and found a spot that really hurt when I pressed on it.  I have been attributing the root pain to sinus stuff but I don’t know why it would get worse and not better.

And he wrote me back a half hour later:
Actually, I was wondering where you’ve been and I was gonna give you a call last week…but too busy.  Just come in.

Too busy?  You don’t say.  I’m telling you, he is 1000% on it.  So I went in this morning and he gloved up and poked around in my mouth and said, “Yup.  It’s a plate.”  And felt around the other side…plate.  And down in the bottom left–“Ow”  “That hurts?”  “Yes, that’s what ow means” “Okay.  I am going to take EVERYTHING out.  All of it.”  He hates working on patients more than once and here I am asking him for surge number 3, but he thinks I’ll only need a week recovery and then we introduce (or subject) the world to Shelby 2.3

Can you handle it?