Operation Turkey Trot Hitch

Today was my ultrasound of my kidneys. They made me drink 24 oz. water 1 hour before pressing very very hard on my belleh…that’s just mean! Well, I found out that more fluid=more pain. So I’d like not to do that again, except that they keep telling me to push fluids. Blech.

One would think (well, I was hoping) that with all this nausea and lack of appetite I would have squeaked a little closer to my OTT goal, but alas, I am still in the 149 range, though one morning I saw 147 and almost broke the scale jumping in excitement. So I guess that diet is on hold…or done with and the new one is called…Operation MMAniversary. So maybe one year after my date of surge (December 26, 2006) I will be the ALL NEW, ALL IMPROVED Super chomping and gleaming tooth action super hero I would have dreamed of being, if I could have had normal dreams. How’s that for a mouthful?

Speaking of a mouthful, I went to a movie yesterday called “Wrist Cutters. A Love Story” Okay yes, bad title…but AWESOME movie. And Tom Waites is in it, so…BONUS. I loved it…and you know what else I loved? POPCORN. A whole frikkin bag of it with MY NAME ON IT. I was shoving that stuff in and getting my hands all greasy and Courtland almost lost a finger trying to snag a kernel. Oh I was loving that. And then I flossed last night WITHOUT the stupid threader thingy…Heaven, I tell you. Absolute Heaven.

And just because I’m so excited to have slippy slidey teeth, I will show you again…


shelby and courtland

2 Responses to “Operation Turkey Trot Hitch”

  1. Anne says:

    What a cute couple. And the other pic – sexy! I know Court is glad to have you back among the slick-tooth people. I don’t know how the rest of you looks, but you sure aren’t carrying any extra weight in your face. Beautiful!

    Myself – I will be glad when the gopher cheeks are gone and my lips quit tingling/burning.


  2. Shelby says:

    Thanks Anne! You’re looking pretty cute yourself. The day you realise your lips don’t tingle and burn will be a lovely one…I wish you speed getting there!

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